Ithaca College’s Organic Gardens

Welcome to the Ithaca College campus gardens!

The Ithaca College Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences has worked to create multiple learning gardens on IC’s campus. Through the dedicated hard work of students and faculty, these gardens have taken off and become a beautifully abundant resource to both the campus and community. Here you will find our progress throughout the year!

The campus gardens are ideal spaces for connecting the disciplines and departments across campus. Students and faculty alike come together to work in the gardens, harvest food, learn about small scale agriculture and permaculture. Many students are conducting research projects in the gardens as well as harvesting the produce grown in these sites for educational purposes.

The photographs below show the upper and lower organic gardens in the early days of summer before planting began. Beds needed to be heavily weeded and prepped for planting with mulch, churning of the soil, and the addition of manure.

The gardens sure have come a long way, and we are excited to show you our progress!

Again, welcome!

-IC Campus Gardens

Photos from 5.23.16



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