The Upper Garden

The upper garden is located off of Farm Pond Road on the Ithaca College campus.

These beautiful raised beds were constructed by Ithaca College’s facilities department and we are extremely grateful to have had them built for us. Filled with Cayuga compost, these raised beds came to house a plethora of plants this summer. The photos below, taken just about a month apart (May 26, 2016 on the left and June 20 on the right), demonstrate just how much a garden can grow in a month’s time. The sugar snap peas for example (on the far left) climbed the trellis quickly and produced enough sugar snaps for 3 large harvests. The bed to the right of the peas held lettuce varieties which grew lush and full. Lettuce regenerates when cut and the gardeners were able to gather a sizable yield each time they harvested.

Let’s take a look at some of the summertime crops, shall we?

-Ithaca College Campus Gardens



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