Food & Society (What We Do and Why)

Food and Society is a highly interactive class falling under the jurisdiction of the Ithaca College health studies department. The class explores the significance of food in human life across time and across cultures and examines the relationship of food to sociocultural, psychobiological, and ecological aspects of human life. Determinants of food choices, food systems, and socioeconomic and ecological implications are also explored. It is a goal of the course that students emerge with insight and an appreciation for the role food plays culturally and as a method of self expression and social change.

This nutrition based course incorporated the campus gardens into the curriculum. On our first day of class, the students were introduced to the campus gardens, which many had not seen before. Students were given a tour and the opportunity to explore the gardens, eating as they went along. Tomatoes and basil were then harvested for class, where students got to process the tomatoes and basil and create a lovely marinaded tomato salad with balsamic vinegar, lemon, salt, and garlic (also from the garden).

From picking tomatoes in the garden, to bringing them into the classroom for processing, a real “farm to table” experience was had. Students remarked at how fresh and delicious the produce was, happy to have seen what the gardens have to offer the Ithaca College community.

We are happy too!

  • IC Campus Gardens

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