Flora and Fauna

Where would we be without pollinators? We would be in trouble, that’s for sure.

In both the upper and lower gardens we have many wild and cultivated plants growing which attract our pollinator friends, bees, butterflies, and moths. These little creatures are extremely important in the growing of produce.

Here are some interesting pollinator facts (USDA):

  • Pollinators support biodiversity: There is a correlation between plant diversity and pollinator diversity.
  • The pollinator population of an area is a great indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem.
  • Honey bees visit five million flowers to make one pint of honey.
  • 90 percent of the nation’s apple crop is pollinated by bees.
  • Bees tend to prefer flowers that they can walk on to sip nectar. Butterflies and moths need a place to land on the flowers that they visit, so they prefer broad, flat-faced flowers.
  • There are 4000 bee species in the U.S. There are 450 species in New York State alone.
  • Increased yields and higher quality crops are benefits that growers and consumers realize from a healthy pollinator population, native or managed.

We are happy to see pollinators frequenting the garden and grateful for the work they do!

-IC Campus Gardens



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