Student Involvement

It is a goal of the Ithaca College Community Gardens to bring people together. Whether it’s students of Ithaca College, faculty, interested locals, or visitors from out of the area, all are welcome to spend time in the garden and contribute in whatever way they can. Students have rallied to help the campus gardens become the best environments they can be.

From beautification projects to volunteer work parties, a good deal of time and energy was allocated to the gardens. Below we see a group of students from the Environmental Studies and Sciences department painting signs. These signs were can still be found in the upper garden, allowing passersby to see what is being grown in each bed. It was a hope of the sign making project to encourage people to learn what plants look like during each stage of development and to cultivate a relationship with these plants. We have a tendency to be removed from where our food comes from and there is something special about watching a seedling produce a fruit, picking that fruit, and consuming it with the understanding that this process is extremely special and meaningful.

Cultivating a sense of community and deep appreciation for where our food comes from can bring people together and unite them over important issues such as sustainable food production, farming legislation, and different environmental factors associated with agriculture.

Thank you for participating, please reach out to us if you would like to help!

-IC Campus Gardens



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