Glass Gem Corn Harvest

A follow-up to the previous post “Here’s a Corny One for You”

Students harvested the corn from both the monoculture bed and polyculture bed and marveled at the beauty of the glass gem corn. So many gorgeous colors on one cob!

Students in the Contemporary Applications of Ancient Agriculture class were careful to keep the two harvests separate in order to collect data about the biomass produced by the two beds. The corn was separated, shucked, and taken to the greenhouse on Ithaca College’s campus to be weighed and stored.

Here is what we learned:

Monoculture (only corn): 7.33 pounds (whole cob)

Polyculture (3 sisters- corn, beans and squash): 6.25 pounds (whole cob), 1.5 oz. beans, 3 squash

The squash were taken prematurely from the bed and were not able to be measured. It was estimated that each squash weighed between 4/5 pounds, making the polyculture bed slightly more productive than the monoculture bed. This may just be a successful sustainable agricultural practice after all. A lot can be learned from the past!

-IC Campus Gardens



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