You Say Tomato

One of the most successful crops grown during the summer season were our tomatoes. We had many varieties, growing in all shapes and sizes. These tomatoes were harvested all summer long and enjoyed by many. Residential Life here at  Ithaca College has made use of these tomatoes in their community dinners. The Sustainable Conscious Community, or SCC, located in Terraces, has harvested tomatoes in order to make homemade tomato sauce. Food and Society used our tomatoes on the first day of class to demonstrate to students how easily food can go from farm to table when grown locally. Students marveled at the sweet cherry tomatoes and enjoyed large golden tomatoes like apples.

Tomatoes were enjoyed by students across disciplines this semester, as well as Ithaca College faculty and staff. One important aspect of sustainable agriculture is that when it is done well, not only does the environmental benefit, but many people reap the benefits as well.

Thank you to all who have made the gardens such a success!

-IC Campus Gardens



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