Ithaca College’s (ICTV) cooking show Sautéed reached out to the gardens to see about incorporating local produce into one of their cooking segments. We were happy to bring them some of our hyper local produce from right here on campus!

The Sautéed chefs were sent a list of available and ripe produce in order to develop a recipe showcasing garden vegetables. Student and local restaurant cook Jacob Rosen decided on a radish, corn, and onion salad with a jalapeño vinaigrette. Kale was also used later in the show in a chicken dish. For this episode of Sautéed corn, kale, and onion were used.

After receiving the list of ingredients, a small harvest took place right before the show aired to insure the produce both looked and tasted as fresh as possible. The produce was washed beforehand and processed on screen while an interview took place with students garden manager Emily Horowitz. The gardens were discussed along with personal opinions and commentary on modern agriculture and food production methods.

Thank you ICTV for thinking of the gardens!

We are excited to see how the garden is playing such an important role in the campus environment.

-IC Campus Gardens

Link to the segment can be found below!

Sautéed “Homegrown”



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