Sweet and Spicey

Sweet bell peppers and hot pepper varieties were grown in the lower garden this summer. The hot pepper seedlings were purchased from GreenStar co-op and grown organically by Blue Heron farm. The gardeners were offered the opportunity to trade working hours on Bright Raven Farm for seedlings and we graciously accepted. A handful of bell peppers came from this work-trade. Our peppers grew beautifully and were bountiful.

Food & Society students researched both bell and hot pepper plants and created presentations for the class. Both pepper variety groups were able to harvest enough peppers to create tasty dishes for the class to try. The hot peppers (mostly cayenne) were turned into a delicious hot sauce by removing their seeds and cooking them down on a stovetop with garlic, water, salt, and vinegar. The sauce had wonderful flavor and left a nice subtle burning sensation on the tongue, but was not overwhelming. The bell peppers were oven roasted and served with small pieces of bread.

Not only are students trying new foods for the first time but they are also learning about new methods of produce preparation and cooking styles!

-IC Campus Gardens



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