As one of the people who sewed the seeds and planted the young seedlings in the organic gardens, I feel an emotional connection to the plants which have grown in these gardens. Cultivating healthy, fruit bearing plants from seed is extremely rewarding. For me, it proves that even in this world where we are so greatly removed from our natural states and relationship to the earth, I am still capable of supporting life and taking care of another living entity.

It is especially impactful to watch other students enjoy the bounty that has come from the campus gardens. Many are amazed at the quality of the produce and smile happily when enjoying a freshly picked tomato or crunchy pole bean. When students get to visit the garden and pick produce for themselves, there is a connection made between food and its origin. The ability to recognize that produce grows right from the soil beneath our feet and that it takes a plant a good deal of time to bear their fruits is a special thing. Appreciation is born from experiences like this, they remind us of our responsibility to be gentle with this earth and to each other.

Below are some photographs of larger harvests gathered and distributed this summer.

We hope you have gotten the chance to enjoy our produce, we have enjoyed growing it for you.

-Emily, IC Campus Gardens

img_4612img_3509img_3925Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_0275Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_0073


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