Kale Yeah

This season, kale was grown in both the upper and lower organic gardens on IC’s campus. The kale emerged in great quantities and only grew better as the season progressed.

The kale was grown from seed and didn’t receive any special attention, growing well on its very own. Kale grows tougher the longer it is allowed to grow, but may also develop  a sweeter taste as it grows older and is exposed to cooler conditions. Furry pests tended to stay away from the plants, but aphids and little green caterpillars definitely enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  Kale, like lettuce, does have the ability to regenerate when the plant remans in tact. If we have learned one thing this year, its that plants are resilient!

Students from Food and Society chose kale as their plant of study due to its versatility in the kitchen and abundance in the garden. The students, Sabrina and Julie, decided to make a popular snack, kale chips, for the class. The kale variety, “dino” kale, becomes quite crunchy when baked and coated with olive oil. The chips were a great success.




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