Winding Down

Well friends, it’s that time of year.

The gardens are being out to rest.

What does this entail? A good deal of work by our volunteers and student workers. When each crop has finished its production cycle, we remove the plant remains from the beds and prepare them for the next season. Below you can see pictures of our garden post production. The plats are weathered, browning, and little fruit is present. We managed to snag some jalapeños from the pepper plants before their composting, and kale was still available in early November. Other than that, the garden was scarce. But this is expected at the end of each season, and with a season as productive as this past year, we can be nothing but thankful and grateful for what we were given.

Now beds are being prepared for wintering over. This process normally entails cover cropping or mulching. We have plenty of hay and seed to lay. Stay tuned!

What was green has gone brown, green will come again, thus goes the cycle of life.

-IC Campus Gardens



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