Droves of Cloves

The garden workers spent an afternoon working together to clear the beds of the lower organic garden for garlic planting. We removed the decrepit plant matter, adding a beautiful new layer to the campus compost pile. Once the beds were tilled and the soil mixed, the garlic was brought out.

Garlic is a magical plant. Aside from its medicinal components, garlic is its own seed. Each clove has the ability to sprout and grow a new garlic plant. The garlic planted this winter was the garlic grown in the upper garden and harvested this past summer. What an incredible example of self-sufficiency! A team of 5 cleared 2 beds and planted about 5 heads of garlic in under an hour and a half. Team work made the garlic dream work!

This means that after the garlic winters over and the spring crop is ready, we can perpetuate this garlic cycle as time passes. Like we said, magical plant.

-IC Campus Gardens



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