Garden Sentiments

Because the gardens were showcased across disciplines this year, we found it extremely important to receive feedback from those heavily involved with its integration on campus. Brief interviews were conducted to get a sense of both faculty and student opinions on the gardens. The results were overwhelmingly positive!

Interview with Professor Paula Turkon, Ithaca College Anthropology and Environmental Studies and Sciences

ICCG: How do you believe the campus gardens have impacted student involvement on campus?

Professor Turkon: “I was flabbergasted that some students had never had that kind of garden experience, or even picked their own food.

The garden kind of rounds out knowledge. Its shocking that people don’t have access to areas where food is grown. I believe it has been eye opening for some students, especially when we used the garden as a trial for field grow outs. The garden proved really useful and gave me thoughts and direction for how we can better support class activities.

Hands on things excite students. Definitely a neat way of providing hands on learning with a more scholarly approach. Actively being involved is a different level of knowledge.”

interview with Sienna Cid, Senior Ithaca College Student, Nutritional/Health  Sciences

ICCG: What did you gain from that experience? 

Sienna: The garden helped me understand how food is grown and can be processed, also what work goes into producing a certain type of food.

I grew up in a 700 square foot apartment in New York City (the Bronx). When I was little I  was allowed to pick what foods I wanted to eat at the supermarket.

It was transforming to get my hands dirty and actually interact with the plants. When I pulled a tomato off of the vine, I felt empowered. After that class I went home and enjoyed the tomato so much more.

It was so cool. I saw what the plant looked like in person for the first time away from their (fruits). They aren’t all uniform, I was surprised at the variety. You can eat them bruised, green, yellow, variation was beautiful. It felt like something I should have been doing all along. When I have my own place I’ll start growing my own food. I want to be a part of it.”


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